Thursday, October 7, 2010

ebeepaperie's Mini Makeover

 I can barely believe it has been a MONTH since I last wrote on the blog!

While b was at work yesterday I decided to freshen up ebeepaperie just a wee tad. Thankfully he loved the changes when he got home.

So they are slight, but I updated the blog, added a background to the blog & website, and increased the size of the header. The changes probably aren't too noticeable, but we are pleased with them. It was just enough and exactly what I was looking to do. Poor ebeepaperie has been a wee bit neglected lately. I have tons of new designs to add to the website & etsy shop and just need to find the time to get them on. Hopefully soon. This is going to be my priority for the next while.



  1. Some times, you don't need big changes to make something look better, and this is the case!

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