Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So on the heels of our "we're going to be better bloggers!" post, we totally dropped the ball. Yikes! It suddenly got much busier than expected so our blog and twitter accounts have unfortunately been neglected a little more than we would like. We do promise to be back very, very soon!

To give you a quick update, here's what we have been up to . . .
  • We reopened our Erin Bradley Designs shop (more info on that to come!)
  • We've been working on a new designs
  • We've been working on an entirely new line
  • We're throwing around an idea for another new line, but need to purchase to new equipment/find space to do it, so that is still in the "we'll see" pile
And, in case you are wondering, the photo above has nothing to do with anything we are working on, but we thought it was pretty and wanted to at least give you something nice to look at! :)

Thanks for sticking with us!



  1. LOL! Love your last paragraph. I was waiting for the recipe! Hahahaha. :)

  2. The picture is lovely to look at! And Getting busy on new things is always good!

  3. Blowing Sweet Kisses to E & B!
    And lovin' that photo!
    I just KNOW you made the sweet treats in that bowl up there! ;o)
    Sounds like you guys are shootin' for the STARS!!!!
    You're SHININ' bright Sweet Erin!

  4. You are so creative, and inspiring! Here's to good happy and busy days.

  5. thats hilarious, was thinking it's okay that the cookie fell over. Just found you through a giveaway and love your cards. new follower as well ;)