Monday, May 24, 2010

Studio Overhaul

Since ebeepaperie is not our first stationery venture (many of you now know that we also own Ink Obsession Designs) we are lucky to already have a nice little studio space established in our 1923 bungalow and have a ton of inventory all set and ready to go.

But we've had to buy a lot of new stock for ebee. Every day for the last week we have been getting a ton of shipments in. New paper, new envelopes, new packaging, more ink, etc.

and our little studio space is quickly filling up fast! This weekend we spent a little time rearranging things, hanging new shelving, and getting all of our files super organized, but I'm not sure we are going to keep it that way. I feel like the space is just a wee bit cramped so we are trying to think of alternative ways to keep everything organized. We've been talking about adding on or possibly converting our attic into a workspace. Ideally I'd love to have one room that is just for designing & printing and then another room to stock all the supplies and to package everything. If you have your own home business, how do you organize your space? I'd love to hear how others do it!



  1. It does sound like a great idea to have a spare for just working on designing and printing, and another for storage and packing, that way the crammed feeling won't impair your creativity!

  2. i wish we had more space... i am currently working from home too... and the closets are filling up fast! ;)

  3. What an adorable blog! I'm going to add your button to my sidebar!